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Water supply controller - PT-L23X-0

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■ 3.7 inch LCD display ■ One for three control ■ Fault pump shielding function, convenient repair and maintenance ■ Fault alarm and record ■ Hand/Auto one key switch ■ 0~5V(10V)or 4~20mA pressure signal feedback ■ Peak water supply and regular wat

3.7-inch bright LCD display

The Powtech inverter micro-computer controller of constant-pressure water supply, total height compact, easy to operate, sleek, 3.7-inch LCD screen, text displayed, instructions for full, rich and perfect word balloon, pumping station managers without the complexity of training in General, also mastered the operation, without the need for professional engineers to its operations. For installation and commissioning personnel, telephone communication for handling general failures, saving time and operation easier. At the same time, microcomputer water supply with constant pressure controller can be clearly shown on the display to its frequency, frequency conversion, the conversion service. LCD parameter display, set at a glance, special set up dealer service phone (user adjustable), facilitate communication fault-related issues as soon as possible.

One drive control three pumps

The Powtech inverter PT - L 23 X - 0PC constant pressure water supply controller, and adaptable to the various internal and external pressure sensor and converter match, use wide range, maximum control 3 pump. Switch output all the relay outputs that can be direct-drive contactors. Analog and switch, all with opto-isolated, anti-interference capability, with a view to enhancing the comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility. Adaptable for use with various internal and external pressure sensor and converter match, use wide range. password feature (parameter set a password before you can set), security settings, in order to prevent false alarms to be attended to. While you can do timed shut-down function, time to accumulate.

Failure query function no water alarm

The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, with the query function, you can confirm that the latest time of the alarm, and the time in seconds to record 10, fault information, facilitate the understanding controllers, the operation of the system. Details of the failure to repair of the system is extremely simple, easy, and engineering staff through the information it is clear that the understanding fault handling, fast to targeted programs. No water in the water tank warning shut-down features to protect water pump. Date and Time Setting functions, convenient record various failure conditions of the time for query searches. The Fuzzy control theory, Automatic Optimization of Parameters, it is simple and convenient to operate, fast response, high precision, and switching pumps, the net pressure shock.

Timing for pump changing function , increase water pump life

The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, a timer switch pump feature to prevent the pump run time is too long, and can be used to pinpoint a specific time, the scientific distribution pump running hours and records, improve water pump life. Available in two power-saving modes: sleep function and the small pump features. Sleep function to the unit on a daily basis with the zero flow interval automatically stops pump, and based on the specific needs to start, intermittent water supply, energy savings, the small pump features can resolve the water volume hours of emergency, save start the pump power. Ultra-high pressure, water, and pressure signal, the anti-burglary, such as pressure auto-detect feature, according to the actual situation automatically stop pump operation to avoid burglary and damage to the equipment, and is completely stable.

Unattended automatic operation function

The Powtech inverter PC constant pressure water supply controller, and a full-Drive Protection and motor protection function, the auto-run without dedicated value. All pumps are available in shielded Access pumps or long-term shut-down of the pump operating and the new pump combination control. There are two water supply mode: timer mode (loop start, frequency increase pump), and peak water supply mode (Direct, direct the frequency increase pump) to meet different circumstances of the water conditions of the country. The automatic masking, and when the system a pump when a problem occurs, the system can automatically skip the pump running, start pumping down or stand-by pump, water is running and the alarm, to deal with a failed Pump to gain time. 

Products recycle

We are actively engaged in the environmental friendly design, production, distribution and recycling processes. Environmental protection is our overall strategy a part of policy-making. The Powtech inverter will guarantee the safety and security of the product, and optimize energy and natural resource consumption. The part of the 88 Per cent renewable. They can be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for energy recovery (with energy recovery incineration) or material recovery (recycling).

Use lead-free solder

The Powtech inverter as part of the production environment and energy-saving products, high-tech environmental protection enterprises, with the procurement, materials used, the production, and note in each and every element of environmental protection, we have an important task. In about 2000 years ago, to lead to major components of the solder used for heterogeneous metal materials, now used for industrial machinery, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. almost all of the electronic products ? electrical printed circuit wiring splicing materials, and so on. However, it has always been as a solder main ingredient uses of lead is in the environment impact of the material (environmental load material), so as the environment awareness-raising, and the call for the elimination of the use of lead. July 2006, the European Force WEEE &RoHS command, use the key ingredients that contain lead solder or sales use to lead to major components of the product, and is in the European and shall not be permitted. The OSCE's drive, as well as many of the world's manufacturers to Promote Lead-free solder, strives to meet WEEE &RoHS instruction. The Euro Converter, use lead-free solder. The Lead (Pb) -free solder to Sn - Ag - Cu (TIN, silver, copper) and Sn - Bi (Tin and bismuth) solder the main ingredient, added Ni (NI) and Ge (germanium). A joint, and heat-resistant, and thus inhibit oxidation scum (tin oxide) Reduction of outstanding features.

Strict selection and reasonable combination of materials

he Powtech inverter, the materials used in accordance with the least amount of impact on the environment principles. Consistent with the use of lead, 6 price chrome material, as the European Directive ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

Product Introduction
 The Powtech inverter PC Constant Pressure Water Supply Controller, is a professional for constant pressure water supply control, standardized products, seamless integration between the human-machine interface and frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply dedicated plc (microcomputer water control program). Europe's latest design concepts and sophisticated technology, and combination of the user's customary uses of water 2 times. Designed specifically for pumping harsh environment for intelligent, no, constant pressure water supply, stable operations of R&D Design Professional Microcomputer controller
Technical Features

1. Highlight the LCD display, multi-line parameter display, set at a glance 

2. AC 15 V/DC V 24 power supply to adapt to various internal and external power supply environment 

3. can be Manual, Automatic control any one pump, the maximum control range 4 maximum pump 1 small pump (4 + 1) 

4. Analog and switch, all with opto-isolated, anti-interference capability 

5. No water in the water tank warning shut-down features to protect water pump 

6. Timer Switch pump function, scientific distribution pump run time and increase pump life 

7. provide two energy-saving mode: sleep function and the small Pumps feature 

8. provide two water supply mode: timer mode and peak water mode 

9. Ultra-high-pressure, water, pressure signal, the explosion pressure, and other auto-detect feature 

10. switch output all the relay outputs that can be direct-drive contactor 

11. adaptable to the various internal and external pressure sensor and converter match 

12. The frequency converter and motor protection function, the auto-run unattended 

13. The record query function, and the time in seconds to record 10, fault information 

14. pressure setpoint and pressure starting and stopping any interval can be adjusted to adjust accuracy is less than +- 0.1 MPa 

15. RS485 the connection (Optional) To focus on control, can be monitored in real-time pump group to run, 

16. Wireless Send Features (Optional) up to 2000 m long range wireless monitoring 

17. Use of fuzzy control theory, Automatic Optimization of Parameters, it is simple and convenient to operate

Model description 

Overall dimensions 

Operator interface

Terminal connection 

Terminal connection 

Terminal connection 

Service promises:

This product's quality assurance in accordance with the following provisions:

1, it is a manufacturer of quality assurance:

1-1, in the domestic use, to the Department on the date)

※ The volume within a month after return, return, repair.

※ The Department within 3 months after Replacement, Repair.

※ the goods within a period of 12 months after repair.

1-2, export overseas (not included) to the department within 6 months after the purchase, warranty.

2, no matter when and where they can be used in the company's branded products, are paid for life-long service.

3, and the company in all parts of the country, sales, production, and the Acting units are available for this product provides after-sale service, and the terms and conditions of service are:

3-1, in the units where the "level 3" check services, including troubleshooting).

3-2, in accordance with the company and dealer agent of the contract signed between the content on the after-sales service standards of accountability.

3-3, to be paid to the transmission of the distribution agents for after-sales service (whether or not covered by warranty).

4, and the product is quality or product responsible for the incident, up to bear only 1 - 1 or 1 - 2 terms of the liability, if the user needs to be more of the liability guarantee, please do so prior to the Insurance Companies property insurance.

5, the product's warranty for the one year of the date.

6, if it's the cause of the failure, even during the warranty period, it is also a paid repair.

6-1, is not correct (in accordance with instructions for use) or unauthorized repair or alteration.

6-2, exceeded the standard specifications for the converter.

6-3, post-purchase decreases damage or improper handling of the damage.

6-4, in the conditions of the environment caused by aging devices or failure.

6-5, because of an earthquake, fire, and Feng Shui disaster, lightning, and abnormal voltage or other natural disasters and disasters are accompanied by cause of damage.

6-6, the damaged in transit (Note: Means of transport specified by the client, the company's assistance to handle cargo transfer procedures.

6-7, manufacturer marking the brands, trademarks, balloons, plate, damage, or unable to identify.

6-8, is not in accordance with agreed purchase payment is made.

6-9, for the installation, wiring, operation, maintenance, or other use cases are not objective reality to the company's service units.

7, the return, Replacement, Repair, Service, and shall be returned to the Company, the attribution of responsibility to be refunded or repair.

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