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PT500 Series Soft Starter

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Product model: PT500 The input voltage, three-phase 380 v + / - 15% Frequency range: 0.00 ~ 400.0 Hz;

Product Introduction

PT500 Series intelligent motor soft starters is the integration of the latest theories of motor control motor protection technology and proprietary software technology and advanced new equipment for

the motor to start early,triangle conversion,auto buck,buck,such as magnetronideal alternative boot device.

Technical Features

  • Reducing the starting current of the motor effectively
  • Reducing the start stress of motor and load device 
  • Six unique start mode
  • Comprehensive and reliable protection
  • Intelligent motor soft starters,the application of network technology makes motor control technology to adapt to the rapid development of higher power requirements of automation technology

Specification Range

Product model: PT500 
The input voltage, three-phase 380 v + / - 15%
Frequency range: 0.00 ~ 400.0 Hz;

Nameplate Introduction

Model Specification

Installation Requirements

To ensure the soft starter with good ventilation and cooling conditions in use,the soft starter should be mounted vertically,and leave enough space for heat dissipation around the equipment,shown in Figur e 3.1,Figure 3.2,the figure is the minimum distance allowed.

Installation Dimention

5R1(5.5kW-55kW)Soft starter appearance and installation dimension 3.3

5R2(75kW-115kW)Soft starter appearance and installation dimension 3.4

5R1(5. 5kW- 55kW) Installation Dimension

5R2(75kW-115kW) Installation Dimension

5R3(132kW-200kW) appearance and installation dimension 3.5

5R4(250kW-400kW)appearance and installation dimension 3.6

5R3(132kW- 200kW) Soft starter appearance and installation dimension 3.5

5R4( 250kW- 400kW) Soft starter appearance and installation dimension 3.6

Wiring Diagram

Product Parameter&Options

(5.5KW- 55KW)Of the specifications of the peripheral accessories

(75KW- 400KW)Of the specifications of the peripheral accessories

extranal                     packing   box  

Packing list       

1 piece        

 Soft Starter            

1 set

Conformity  certificate


User manual

1 (Included with the product warranty card and failure feedback forms, maintenance records table)

Quality guarantee


The quality guarantee of the project should be transacted based on the following stipulations:

    1. It really belongs to the concrete content for the quality guarantee within the manufacturer’s responsibility.

1-1 When it is used in China (calculated since the date of delivery)

     ※ Guarantee for return, change and maintenance within one month after the delivery;

     ※Guarantee for return and maintenance within three months after the delivery;

     ※Guarantee for maintenance within 12 months after the delivery;

  1-2 When it is exported to foreign country, it is guaranteed for maintenance at the purchasing place within six months after the delivery.

2. No matter when and where the product of our company is used, you can enjoy a lifelong service with payment.

3. Sale, manufacturing and agency unit of our company all over the country can provide after-sale service for the product; and the service condition is as following:

    3-1 Make a three-level inspection service at the place where the company is (including fault removal).

    3-2 It should be made according to the relative responsibility requirement in the contract content signed by our company with the agency.

    3-3 You can ask agencies of POWTECH for after-sale service with payment (whether the product is maintained or not).

     4 If the responsibility for quality and product accident of the product appears, responsibilities in

article 1-1 or 1-2 can be undertaken at most; if the user requires more warranties of professional

liability, please insure property insurance in insurance company in advance.

     5 warranty period of the product is a year since the date of dispatch.

     6  If the fault is caused by the following reasons, it will be maintained with money even if it is within the warranty period:

    6-1 Incorrect operation (subject to the instruction) or the problem caused by voluntary repairing or transformation without authority.

    6-2 The problem caused by using AC frequency vector inverter exceeding the requirement of standard specification.

    6-3 Damage caused by falling or improper movement after the purchasing.

    6-4 Device aging or fault caused by bad environment.

    6-5 Damage caused by earthquake, fire, wind and water disaster, lightning stroke, abnormal voltage or other natural disaster or the reasons for the disaster.

          6-6 Damage occurred during the transportation period (notice: the transportation method should be designed by the customer and our  company will assist in handling procedure of goods transportation).

     6-7 Damage or non-identification for brand, trademark, sequential number, nameplate signed by the manufacturer.

     6-8 Pay off the money according to the purchasing contract.

     6-9 The installation, firing, operation, maintenance or other use conditions can’t be objectively described to the service unit of our company.

      7 The goods with guarantee for return, change and maintenance must be returned to our company; and the goods can be only returned or maintained after the attribution of liability is decided.

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