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Inverter model: PT200-XXXZ-3 Voltage level : 3 phases 380V +-15% Power range: 7.5-93kW Frequency range : 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz Control system: high-performance vector control based on the DSP Way of control: V/F control, open-loop magnetic flux vector con


Product Positioning:

The Powtech PT200 series inverter is a high-performance current vector inverter based on the European power and the latest control theoretical and technological achievements and combining with the latest market power technology application requirements, which introduces new high-performance current right amount inverter to control motor perfect by servo function for a comprehensive solution to the filed of high-end control

The Series inverter is a high-quality and multifunction vector control inverter . It can run a wide range of speed and torque control in high-precision by decoupling control of motor magnetic flux current and torque current torque :fast and accurately

High-end hardware platforms , scientific production technology and complete testing equipment make the product more stable and reliable

Specification range

Voltage level : single-phase 220V

Power range: 0.4-3.7kW power range
Frequency range : 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz

Performance Introduction:
1.Using DSP as the core of control unit to achieve high-speed high-performance control;
2.Way of speed control: SVC, VC, V/F control, torque control

3.Automatically idendtify the motor parameters, intelligent adjustment to the best control mode.

4.Deard time compensation and automatic slip compensation function, low frequency 0.25HZ can be achieved under sensorless vector control.

5.Simple PLC function can realize up to 16 segments speed and 4 segments acceleration control.

6.”One key to shuttle” keyboard, swirling free, two way custom button with the demand for expansion.

7.Multi-language, humanization display menu, highlighted OLED+LED simultaneous display 3 groups of state parameters.

8.Keyboard is hot-pluggable and can store/copy 4 groups of operating parameter programs

9.Powerful communications function which can support standard to support standard RS485 and Modbus, meanwhile providing remote keyboard control.

10. Dual analog input, custom control mode, free combination of control factors

11.Short-circuit protection, more safer and more stable

12. New thermal management structure, unique duct design and thermostat heat agencies, allow the product to run more stable and longer

13 Standards EMC design to minimize pollution for power

14. All strengthened PCB coating working well in kinds of environments

The main application fileds: machine tools

Standard specification


Voltage and frequency level

 Single-phase 200-240V,50/60HZ  Three-phase 220-240V,50/60HZ

Three-phase 380-415V,50/60HZ  Three-phase 440-460V,50/60HZ

Three-phase 575V,50/60HZ  Three-phase 660V,50/60HZ 

Three-phase 1140V,50/60HZ 

Allowable fluctuations

voltage:+-15% frequency:+-15%

Control performance
Control system DSP-based high-performance vector control inverter
Output frequency G/P/Z/S/T/M type: 0.00-400Hz, the maximum frequency could be set on the range of 10.00Hz-400Hz
Control method V/Fcontrol, open-loop magnetic flux vector control 1,open-loop magnetic flux vector control 2,PG vector control
Automatic torque boosting function  

low frequency(1Hz)powerful output torque can be achieved under the V/F controlling

Accelerate/decelerate control Segment S curve acceleration and deceleration set mode,maximum running time is 9600 hours
Program-runing control 16 segments speed running,maximum running time is 888.88 hours
Frequency setting accuracy

Digit:0.01Hz(below 300Hz),0.1Hz(above 300Hz);analogue:1% of maximum frequency

Frequency accuracy Speed control tolerance 0.01%( (25℃±10))
V/F curve mode Linear,square root,user-definition set V/F Cruve
Over load capability

 G/S type:rated current 150%-1minute,200% of rated current-0.1 second

P type: rated current 120%-1minute,150% of rated current-0.1 second

Z/M/T: rated current 180%-1minute,150% of rated current-0.1 second

H type:rated current 250%-1minute,300% of rated current-0.1 second

Slip compensation 50%-100%,automatically compensate for deterioration
Maximum frequency 400Hz
Carrier frequency 0.5K-15KHZ. According to the load characteristics, automatically adjust the carrier frequency
Input frequency resolution Digit setting:0.01Hz Analogue setting: Maximum frequency*0.1%
Start torque

  G type:0.25Hz/180%   P type:0.25Hz/120%

Adjusting-speed range 1:200
Steady speed accuracy(speed control accuracy) open-loop magnetic flux vector control:+-0.5%(rated synchronous speed)
Speed control stability open-loop magnetic flux vector control:+-0.3%(rated synchronous speed)
Torque response 40ms(open-loop magnetic flux vector control)
Torque boost Automatic torque boosting;manual torque boosting0.1%-30%
Acceleration and deceleration linear Linear accelerator Mode: four acceleration and deceleration time; Acceleration and deceleration time range 0.0s-3600.0s
Dc brake

DC brake frequency:0.0Hz-maximum frequency, braking time: 0.0~36.0 second,Braking operation time:0.0%~100

Jog control

 Jogging frequency range: 0.00Hz - maximum frequency, jog acceleration and deceleration time: 0.0s-3600.0s

Multi-segment speed running achieve up to 16 segment speed run via the control terminal
Built-in PID Facilitate the realization of the process control closed-loop control system
Automatic Voltage Regulato When the grid voltage changes, automatically maintain a constant output voltage
Torque limit and control

 Dig-earth machine features, the running torque is automatically limited to prevent frequent over-current trip to rpue control can be achieved under close-loop vector mode

 Personalization features
Power-on peripherals,security self-inspected Afety of the peripherals equipments can be checked when power on,such as grounding,short circuit,etc
Common DC bus function The function of multiple inverters share the DC bus
MF key Programmable keys: Reversible run/ Jog operation function selection
 Textile pendulum frequency control Variety of triangular wave frequency control function
Wave-filter and current-limiting function Built-in wave-filter and current-limiting calculation method to reduce the frequency reported flow probability, improve the whole anti-jamming capability
Timing control Timing control function: to set the time range Oh-65535h
Keyboard extended cable standardization Customer can extend the keypad cable with standard cable.
Input signal
Running method  Keyboard/terminal/communication
Frequency setting

7 kinds of frequency setting, including adjustable DC 0-10v range, adjuststable DC 0-20mA range, panel potentiometer, etc

Starting signal Forward, Reverse
Multi-segments speed Up to 16 segments speed can be set(using the multi-function terminal or program run)
Multi-segments acceleration up to 4 segments acceleration can be set(using the multi-function terminal)
Emergency stop Interrupt controlle output
Pendulum-frequency running Process control running
Jogging Running slowly
Fault reset When the protection function is active, you can automatically or manually reset the fault condition
PID feedback signal Including DC 0~10V,DC 1~5V,DC 0~20mA,DC 4~20mA
Output signal
Running status Motor status display, stop, acceleration and deceleration, constant speed, the program running state
Fault output contacting point output AC 250V 5A, DC 30V 5A
Analogue output

Two ways analog output, you can select the eight kinds of frequency, current, voltage, temperature and other 8 signals, the output signal range can be set arbitrarily on the range of 0-10V/0-20mA

Output signal Up to 3 output signals and there 9 signal for selection.
Running function
Running function Frequency limit, avoiding  frequency ,slip compensation,reverse protection, self-tuning,PID control.
DC current brake Built- in PID regulate braking acurrent to ensure adequate braking torque without over current
Operation command channels

Three channels: the operation panel set, control terminals set, serial communication port set. Variety of means swiching

Frequency source

There are 6 kinds of frequency source: digital set, analog voltage set, analog current set,multi segment speed set, a serial port set,PID set, Variety of means switching

Input terminal

6 digital input terminals, compatible with active PNP or NPN input methods two analog input terminal, which AI1 can only be used as input voltage, AI2 can be as voltage or current input(if it needs to expand input, output terminals function)

Output termina

A digital output terminals(dual polarity output) a relay output terminals an analog output terminals, 0/4 mA-20mA or 0/2V-10V is optional, the set frequency ,frequency output, speed and other output of the physical quantities can be achieved.

 Protection function
Inverter protection

Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, over the loss of speed protection, over-voltage stall protection, phase protection(optional), external fault, communication error, PID feedback signal abnormalities, PG failure.

IGBT temperature display Display present IGBT temperature
Inverter fan control The fan starting temperature can be set(optional)
Instant power-down re-start

Less than 15 millis seconds: continuous operation. More than 15 milliseconds: Automatic detection of motor speed, instantaneous power-down re-start


Speed starting tacking method Inverter automatically track motor speed when inverter starts
Parameter protection function Protect inverter parameters by setting the password and decoding


Running information

There are six operation monitoring objects: set frequency, the actual frequency, the actually motor current, current percentage, DC bus voltage, the output voltage, motor actual speed, accumulative total running time, IGBT temperature, PID set value, PID feedback values, the input terminals state, output terminals state, analog AI1, analog AI2, the current number of segments, torque set value

Error information

Up to five error message can be stored, when there is the failure ,the fault type,voltage ,caurrent, frequency and working state can be inqured

LED display Display parameter
OLED display Optional parts ,Chinese/English display operation content
Parameter copy  use parameters special kepad can realize the copy of parameters quickly(only for OLED)
Key lock and function selection  Keypad can be partly or fully locked. Define part of the keys effect scope to avoid faulty operation
 RS485/RS232 Completely isolated RS485 communication module for the host computer networked communications
Environment temperature  -10℃~40(environmental temperature in the-40℃~50, please use decreasing ratio accordingly)
Store temperature  -20℃~65
Environment humidity Less than 90% R.H. no more than 90% R.H
Height . Vibratio below 1000m, below 5.9m/S2(=0.6g)
Application location

Indoor, and there are no sunlight or corrosive, explosive gas and water vapor, no dust, combustible gas, oil and gas, water vapor, drop of water or salt

Altitude  Below 1000m
Pollution level 2

 product     standards

Product executive safety standards IEC61800-5-1:2007
 Product executive EMC standards IEC61800-3:2005
Cooling method
Method Forced air cooling and natural air cooling

extranal                     packing   box  

Packing list       

1 piece        


1 set

Conformity   certificate


User manual

1Included with the product warranty card and failure feedback forms, maintenance records table)

1、extranal packing box 


2、packing list 



5、user manual

Service promise


Quality assurance of the product in accordance with the following regulations:

1, Indeed the manufacturer responsibility of the quality assurance specific content:
1-1, calculated from the date of shipment
refunding, replacement, repair kits within one month after the shipment
replacement, repair within three months after shipment
repair within 12 months after shipment
1-2, When exported overseas (excluding domestic), located seller is responsible for repair kits within six months after shipment.
2, Regardless of when and where, the company brand products are enjoying services for lifelong with compensation
3, Across the country, the company sales, production, agent can provide after-sales service of the products, conditions of service as follow:
3-1, In the seat of the units providing "three-tier" checking services (including troubleshooting).
3-2, Need our after-sales service responsibility standards related to the contents of the contracts signed by the company with distribution agents.
3-3 can request the Powtech distribution agent for after-sales service (whether or warranty) with compensation.

4.If there are quality problem or product incidents, we undertake only up to 1-1 or 1-2 in terms of responsibility, if users need more guarantee for liability ,please

insure property insurance from the insurance company in advance.
5, Warranty for one year from the shipping date.
6, In the case of the following causes of failure, it is also a paid repair even during the warranty period

6-1, Caused by incorrect operation (based on manual) or repair and renovation without permission
6-2,The problems caused by the drive beyond the standard specification requirements.
6-3 Caused by improper or handling damage after purchasing
Aging or failure of the device caused by the adverse environment
6-5, Caused by accompanied reasons due to earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, abnormal voltage or other natural disasters.
6-6, Damage during transport (Note: The mode of transport is specified by the customer, and the Company assists to handle the goods transfer formalities).

6-7, labels such as the brand, trademark, serial number and nameplate, are defaced or illegible.
6-8, Failure to purchase the agreed payment in full.
6-9 can not be objectively actual description to the service units for installation, wiring, operation, maintenance, or other use.
7, Before get the service: refunding, replacement, repair services, you should return products to the company and then confirm the attribution of responsibility.