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PT150 - Mini inverter

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PT150 series: stable operation, simple to use, easy to maintain and affordable Power range: 0.75-1.5kw power range Frequency range : 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz Voltage level : single-phase 220V / three phase 380V

Product Positioning:

The Powtech PT150 series inverter is a mini inverter specially for small devices based on PT300 series high-performance current vector software platform and it is the one for modern small-scale processing and manufacturing automation control.

Technical characteristics:

The PT150 Series inverter is a high-quality and multifunction vector control inverter . It can run a wide range of speed and torque control in high-precision by decoupling control of motor magnetic flux current and torque current torque fast and accurately

Performance Introduction:
1.Using DSP as the core of control unit to achieve high-speed high-performance control;
2 motor parameters self-learning, intelligent tuning the best control mode
3.Performance IPM module; protection function such as undervoltage, overcurrent,  overtemperature, short circuit for ground etc.
4.Low-frequency large torque :0.25Hz 180% torque output
5 Easy PLC function: 16 Paragraphs  for speed control and 4 acceleration control.
6. Powerful communication function supporting Modbus protocol  and standard panel remote control (500M far)

7.A unique EMC design minimizing  the pollution to power

Power range: 0.75-1.5KW power range

Frequency range : 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz

Voltage level: single-phase 220V / three phase 220V/three phase 380V


Applications: medicine, food , packaging , engraving , washing and other industries , machinery equipment, a variety of small-scale machinery equipment.

Standard Specification




Power supply

Level of voltage frequency

Single phase 200240V, 50/60Hz   three phase 200240V50/60Hz

three phase 380415V, 50/60Hz   three phase 440460V50/60Hz

three phase 575V50/60Hz       three phase 660V, 50/60Hz

three phase 1140V, 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuation

Voltage :±15%  frequency: ±5%

Control performance

Control system

AC frequency vector inverterswith vector control based the high performance of DSP

Output frequency

G/P/Z/S/T/M type: 0.00400.0Hz

The highest frequency can be set among 10.00400.0Hz

Control method

V/F control, vector control for flux with open loop 1vector control for flux with open loop 2,

vector control for PG

 Lifting function

of automatic torque

Torque control for low frequency (1Hz) and great output in the control method of V/F

Control on accelerating and decelerating

Setting method for subsections of accelerating and decelerating S curve; the longest operation time 9600 h

Control on programme operation

Operation for speed program of 16 sections; the longest operation time 888.88 h

Image resolution of frequency setting

Figure: 0.01Hz(below300Hz)0.1Hz( above300Hz)

simulation: 0.05Hz / 60Hz

Frequency accuracy

Common difference of speed control 0.01%(25℃±10℃)

V/F curve method

User defines V/F curve for linear and multiple power

Overload capacity

G/S type: rated current 150%1 minute, rated current 200%0.1 second

P type :rated current 120%1 minuterated current 150%0.1 second

Z/M/ T type:rated curren180%1minute,rated curren250%0.1 second

H type :rated current 250%1 minute, rated current 300%0.1 second

Slippage compensation

50100%, compensation for automatic slippage

The highest frequency


Carrier frequency

0.5KHz15KHz; carrier frequency can be adjusted based on the load characteristics

 Image resolution of output  frequency

Figure setting: 0.01Hz  simulation setting: the highest frequency × 0.1%

Starting torque

G motor: 0.5Hz/180%

P motor: 0.5Hz/120%

Speed range


Accuracy of speed stabilizing

(accuracy of speed control)

 Vector control for flux with open loop:≤±0.5% rated synchronous speed

Stability of speed control

 vector control for flux with open loop :≤±0.3%rated synchronous speed

Torque response

≤40ms (vector control for flux with open loop)

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0

acceleration and deceleration line

Acceleration and deceleration method for line; for acceleration and deceleration time; time scope for acceleration and deceleration 0.0s3600.0s

DC braking

DC braking frequency :0.0Hzmaximum frequency, braking tine:

0.036.0 secondcurrent value for braking movement: 0.0%100.0%

Electronic control

Range of jog frequency :0.00Hzmaximum frequency;

Acceleration and deceleration time of jog: 0.0s3600.0s

Operation on multi sections

Realize the maximum operation of 16 sections via control terminals

Build-in PID

Realize closed-loop control system with process control conveniently:

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

Automatically make the output voltage constant when the network voltage changes

Torque limitation and control

Excavator characteristics: automatic limitation on torque during the operation period and prevention for frequent overcurrent trip; and vector model of close loop can realize the torque control

Personalized function

Self-checking for outside equipment safety of electrifying

Realize the security detection of electrifying on outside device like ground connection and short circuit

Function of DC bus

Realize the function for many transducers to share DC bus


Programmable key: function choice for positive and negative operation and jog operation

Pendulous control of textile

Multi control functions of triangular wave

Current -limiting function of the carrier

Built- in current-limiting algorithm of waveband reduces the probability for the AC frequency vector inverters to report overcurrent and improve the whole motor’s ability on resisting disturbance

Timing control

Timing control function: setting time scope 0h65535h

 Standardization for extension cord of the keyboard

The customer can use the standard network cable to prolong the keyboard


Inputting signal

Operation method


Frequency setting

Six frequency source in total: setting of keyboard, analogue voltage, analogue current, operation for multiple sections, PID control, remote communication and presetting of keyboard potentiometer can be changed via multiple methods

Starting signal

Corotation and inversion

Speed of multiple sections

Speed for 16 sections can be set at most (using multifunction terminal or program execution)

Acceleration of multiple sections

Acceleration 4 sections can be set at most (using multifunction terminal )

Emergency stop

Interrupt controller output

Operation of pendulous frequency

Operation of process control


Operation with low speed

Fault resetting

Automatically or manually reset the fault state when the protection function is at an effective state

PID feedback signal

Including DC 010V, DC 15V, DC 020mA and DC 420mA

Outputting signal

Operating condition

Motor situation showing stop, acceleration and deceleration, constant speed and state of programme operation

Fault output

Output of sensitive point-AC 250V 5A, DC 30V 5A

Analog output

Two analog outputs can choose 8 signals such as frequency, current, voltage and so on; and output signal scope can be set randomly among 0~10V/0~20mA.

Output of digital quantity

Up to three output signals; every output signal has nine signals for choice

Operation function

Limiting frequency, avoiding frequency, slippage compensation, invert protection, self-adjusting and PID control

Braking of direct current

Built-in PID adjusts brake current and protects sufficient braking torque without overcurrent

Run command channel

Three channels: presetting of operation panel, control terminal and serial communication.  The change via various methods

Input terminal

Six digital input terminals can be compatible with active loudspeaker PNP or two input terminals of analog of NPN input method; among them, AI1 and AI2 can be input as voltage or current. (if it necessary to expand the function of input and output terminals, please use IO expansion cards)

Output terminal

One digital output terminal (bipolar output), a relay output terminal, and an analog output terminal can respectively choose 0/4mA20mA or 0/2V10V and realize the output of physical quantities such as setting frequency, output frequency and rotate speed

Protection function

AC frequency vector inverters protection

Overvoltage protection, low-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheat protection, protection of overcurrent and speed reduction, protection of overvoltage and speed reduction, protection of default phase (optional functions), external fault, communication error, abnormal feedback signal of PID and PG fault 

IGBT temperature display

Display current IGBT temperature

Control of AC frequency vector inverters fan

Starting temperature for the fan can be set

Instant power failure and then restarting

Less than 15 millisecond: Continuous operation

More than 15 millisecond: automatically detect the motor speed and restart after instant power failure

Tracking method of rotate speed

Automatically track motor speed at the start of the transducer

Protection function of parameter

Protect the AC frequency vector inverters parameter via setting supervisor password and decode


LED/OLED show keyboard

Operation information

18 monitoring objects of the operation in total: operation frequency, setting frequency, rated current of the motor, current percentage, DV bus voltage, output voltage, actual speed of the motor, accumulative operation time, IGBT temperature, PID given value, feedback value of PID, state of input terminal, state of output terminal, value of analog AI1, value of analog AI2A, current number for speed of multiple sections and setting value of torque   

Error message

Keep five error messages at most and inquire fault type, voltage, current, frequency and working condition when the fault occurs

LED display

Display parameter

OLED display

Options available; instruction in Chinese/English      

Parameter copy

Using special keyboard of parameter copy can realize the quick copy of the parameter (limited too OLED)

Key lock and function choice

Realize partial or complete lock of the button; define the effect scope of partial buttons to prevent wrong operation



It can choose isolated RS485/RS232 communication module to realize the communication with the upper computer                 


Environment temperature

-10℃40℃( environment temperature is among 40℃50℃; please use it with derating

Storage temperature


Environment humidity

Less than 90 % R.Hnot exceeding 90 % R.H

Height; vibration

Below 1000 m, below 5.9m/s?=0.6g

Application place

Indoor, without sunlight or corrosivity, explosive gas or water vapor, dust, combustible gas, oil mist, water vapor, dropping water or salinity


Belong 1000m

Pollution degree


Product standard

 The product implements safety standard


 The product implements EMC standard


Cooling method

Forced cooling and natural air cooling

extranal                     packing   box  

Packing list       

1 piece        


1 set

Conformity   certificate

1 piece

User manual

1Included with the product warranty card and failure feedback forms, maintenance records table)


Quality guarantee


The quality guarantee of the project should be transacted based on the following stipulations:

1. It really belongs to the concrete content for the quality guarantee within the manufacturer’s responsibility.

1-1 When it is used in China (calculated since the date of delivery)

     ※ Guarantee for return, change and maintenance within one month after the delivery;

     ※Guarantee for return and maintenance within three months after the delivery;

     ※Guarantee for maintenance within 12 months after the delivery;

1-2 When it is exported to foreign country, it is guaranteed for maintenance at the purchasing place within six months after the delivery.

2. No matter when and where the product of our company is used, you can enjoy a lifelong service with payment.

3. Sale, manufacturing and agency unit of our company all over the country can provide after-sale service for the product; and the service condition is as following:

3-1 Make a three-level inspection service at the place where the company is (including fault removal).

3-2 It should be made according to the relative responsibility requirement in the contract content signed by our company with the agency.

3-3 You can ask agencies of POWTECH for after-sale service with payment (whether the product is maintained or not).

4 If the responsibility for quality and product accident of the product appears, responsibilities in article 1-1 or 1-2 can be undertaken at most; if the user requires more warranties of professional liability, please insure property insurance in insurance company in advance.

5 warranty period of the product is a year since the date of dispatch.

6  If the fault is caused by the following reasons, it will be maintained with money even if it is within the warranty period:

6-1 Incorrect operation (subject to the instruction) or the problem caused by voluntary repairing or transformation without authority.

6-2 The problem caused by using AC frequency vector inverter exceeding the requirement of standard specification.

6-3 Damage caused by falling or improper movement after the purchasing.

6-4 Device aging or fault caused by bad environment.

6-5 Damage caused by earthquake, fire, wind and water disaster, lightning stroke, abnormal voltage or other natural disaster or the reasons for the disaster.

6-6 Damage occurred during the transportation period (notice: the transportation method should be designed by the customer and our  

company will assist in handling procedure of goods transportation).

6-7 Damage or non-identification for brand, trademark, sequential number, nameplate signed by the manufacturer.

6-8 Pay off the money according to the purchasing contract.

6-9 The installation, firing, operation, maintenance or other use conditions can’t be objectively described to the service unit of our company.

7 The goods with guarantee for return, change and maintenance must be returned to our company; and the goods can be only returned or maintained after the attribution of liability is decided.