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The application of solar pump inverter

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Powtech solar inverter technical characteristics

Powtech solar inverter technical characteristics

Smart Control:
1.Self-adaptive maximum power point tracking technology makes full use of the solar cell array up to 99% efficiency. 

2.Automatic regulation of motor speed and the water flow along with the intensity of sunlight.

3.Automatic control with water level. Entering sleeping mode at high-water level and automatic restart at low-water level.

4.Automatic control with sunlight. Entering sleeping mode with weakening sunlight and automatic exits the sleep mode when the sunlight is becoming stronger.

5..Built-in over-voltage, overload,overheat and dry-run motor protections.

6..Improvement of the reliability of the power system. 

7.Prevention pump from anhydrous idling. 

Remote Monitoring
8.Standard RS485 interface equipped for each solar pump controller.

9.Optional GPRS/Wifi Ethernet RJ45 modules for remote access.

10.Spots value of solar pump parameters monitoring available from anywhere.

11.History of solar pump parameters and events checkup support.