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Powtech Attend ITIF Asia Fair at Karachi Expo Centre

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Shenzhen Powtech Co.,tld have attend the ITIF Asia from 13-15 March 2018 at Karachi Expo Centre Stalls Layout Plan , welcome to visit our booth at C88 booth , Hall 3 .

Shenzhen Powtech Co.,tld have attend the ITIF (International Trade And Industrial Machine Fair )   Asia from 13-15 March, 2018 at Karachi Expo Centre  Stalls Layout Plan , the Exhibits are including PT300 high performance vector inverter , PT150 MINI. inverter , PT360 economic vector  inverter ,PT500 solfstarter , PT330 solar inverter and constant water supply cabinet . Here is some introduction for above inverter : 

PT150 Series mini vector VFD
Power Range:0.4-1.5KW

Frequency Range:0.00-600.00Hz

Voltage Class:Single-phase220V/3-phase220V/3-phase380V

PT330 Series solar special VFD

Power Range:0.75-37KW

Frequency Range:50/60Hz

Voltage Class:Single-phase220V/3-phase220V/3-phase380V
PT300 Series high-performance vector VFD
Power Range:0.4-560KW

Frequency Range:0.00-300.00Hz

Voltage Class:Single-phase220V/ 3-phase220V/380V/480V/690V

PT500 series Soft start &Power System control cabinet

Power Range:5.5-400KW

Frequency Range:50/60Hz

Voltage Class:3-phase220V/380V/460V/660V

Welcome to visit our booth to get more informtion .