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Service commitments:

Quality assurance of the product in accordance with the following provisions:

Indeed the quality of the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure the details:

1-1, in domestic use (the date of shipment)

※ shipment within one month of refunding, replacement, repair kits.

※ shipment within three months after the replacement, repair kits.

※ shipment within 12 months after the repair kits.

1-2, exported overseas (excluding domestic), six months after shipment purchased responsible for the repair.

2, regardless of when and where to use our brand products are enjoying life while being paid.

3, the company's sales across the country, production, agent, can provide the product after-sales service, conditions of service for:

3-1, "three" check-up services at the seat of the unit (including troubleshooting).

3-2, need to be handled in accordance with the terms of the contract signed by the company and sales agent in relation to the after-sales service responsibility standards.

3-3 Powtech can be paid to the distribution agent, request for after-sales service (whether or warranty).

4, the product quality or product responsibility of the accident, bear only up to 1-1 or 1-2 in terms of responsibility, if the user needs more responsibility indemnity, your own prior to the insurance companies property insurance.

5, the product warranty period of one year from the date of shipment.

6, in the case of the following causes of failure, even during the warranty period, is also a paid repair:

6-1, incorrect operation (in accordance with the instruction manual shall prevail) without permission to repair or modify the cause.

6-2, beyond the standard specifications problems caused by inverter.

6-3, after purchase, or loss or damage caused by improper handling.

6-4, the device caused due to adverse environmental aging or failure.

6-5, the damage caused due to earthquake, fire, accompanied by feng shui disaster, lightning, abnormal voltage or other natural disasters, and disaster reason.

6-6, damage during transport (Note: The mode of transport specified by the customer, the company helps to handle the goods transfer).

6-7, manufacturers marked brands, trademarks, serial number, nameplate damaged or unreadable.

6-8 failing to purchase the agreed upon payment in full.

6-9, installation, wiring, operation, maintenance or other use can not be objective reality described to the service units of the Company.

7, refunding, replacement, repair kits service must return the goods of the Company, after confirm the attribution to, can replace or repair.