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Product Warranty files

Sincerely thank you for purchasing Ouke transmission company!
This product has passed strict quality Ouke drive test. Description warranty under this card, Which under normal use due to product quality problems caused by hardware failure, during the warranty period, OAK will be responsible for giving free maintenance. An asterisk (*)are required
Product Type: (*) Production number: (*)
Warranty period: Date of purchase: ( Y\M\D) (*)
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Inverter fault feedback form

Dear Customer: Hello! Details to help us better serve you, please fill out the form below:

Load and Control

Motor power and the number of poles

Motor rated current

Normal operating frequency range

Type of load

Fan Textile machines Extruder
    Pump Injection molding machine Other loads

Speed ​​mode

Keyboard Control Terminal governor
   PID Governor Upper motor speed

Control mode

No PG V / F control With PG V / F control Vector control with PG

Failure phenomenon

Time to failure

Power-jump down Running jump fault Running for some time jump down Acceleration jump failure The deceleration jump failure

The type of fault

Over-current OC


Abnormal voltage

OU(Overvoltage) LU(Undervoltage) OL(Overload) UL(Light load)

Other display fault

OH(Overheat) E-FL(External fault) PH-O(Phase protection) PID
   PG(PG error) DATE(Over the period of use) EEPR(EEPROM Error)

Plate failure

Power no display Power-smoke Power supply board relay does not pull

Keyboard failure

Key failure Parameters can not be modified Display the missing pen Knob failure

Device failure

Bombing Fan does not turn Main circuit relay or AC contactor does not pull the Power resistors burn

Output is abnormal

No output voltage Output voltage imbalance Motor vibrations Motor output is not enough

If the fault is not in the ranks, described below:

A description of the problem: